Our brands



Grown for 2000 years at an altitude of 1200 m, the Le Puy green lentil benefits from a climate and soil that give it unique character. These different elements give it a subtle taste, a delicate texture, and a fine skin, all adding up to incomparable flavor!



Under this brand we offer a wide range of dried veggies (beans, peas and lentils, etc..) of high quality, rich with new taste sensations. Each veggie variety is selected with the greatest care.



“Le Cygne” is also a registered trademark that we have been using for a portion of our dried vegetables for several decades. Le Cygne (the swan) symbolizes purity.

Impact of natural origin

To satisfy customer requests, in addition to our main national brands “La Ponote”, “Le Bon Semeur”, and “Le Cygne”, we also package private brands for retail chains. Close attention to consumers and a systematic analysis of their expectations allow us to adapt our selection, sorting and packaging of the green lentils and pulses. Our packaging have been designed to ensure maximum visibility on the retail shelves. A significant share of our turnover is reinvested in new technologies and in the modernization of our production and packaging equipment. These efforts have strongly boosted the continuing growth of our market share and company

Where can you find us ?

In supermarkets

You’ll find our products on the same shelves as pasta and rice.


In gourmet food stores

Many gourmet food stores sell our Le Puy green lentils… Don’t hesitate to ask your store manager!