A resource of natural origin

Welcome in Auvergne!

Nestled on high volcanic plateaux culminating at up to 1200 m in altitude, in the very heart of the AOC label territory, Trescarte is spécialized in the Le Puy green lentil since the creation of the compagny in 1959. Trescarte had subsequently broadened its activities to include other dried veggies and beans, and had expanded its production facilities. The continuing investments allowed the creation of a second lentil collection center on the high plateaux of the Velay-Sud area (Costaros), in order to be even closer to local growers which are in contract with us.


Cultivating the link that connects us to the earth

This strong link to the earth and to those who cultivate it has remained a tradition for the successive generations leading our compagny. A guiding principle in our quality policy, it involves constant interaction with our selected producers and a close monitoring of the products, from the field seed to the supermarket shelf.